Homemade soap from Hawaii

I love trying out new products and writing up reviews for them! Recently a friend, who I’ve known since like back in highschool, got his product line set up. Based out of Hawaii , Aloha Voyager of Maui is a husband and wife team making the best soap with local ingredients and sustainable packaging. I’m beyond thrilled to be reviewing their soap and helping get the word out about their business.

My first thought was, I’m in LOVE with the Mana Mint! It was strong but not too strong of a smell. The kind of minty goodness that makes you want to keep smelling it over and over again. The clean white block carefully stamped with their elephant logo was elegantly wrapped and would make a perfect give for those who enjoy small business crafts where love was actually folded into the paper. Made with castile and peppermint this soap leaves your body feeling clean and refreshed! I can imagine using the mint would be perfect when you’re getting a little congested or stuffed up nose! I did not feel like my skin was dried out at all, which I often feel with bar soaps.

Secondly, the Calming Lavender soap is lovely as well. Lavender is not my top scent choice but I could tell it was REAL lavender not any fake floral scented lavender. Again made with organic supplies and castile , this bar is crafted with love and wrapped up for safe travels right to your door! I can see this being the go to bar for evening showers before sleep.

I’m also happy to announce I have a special coupon code for any of my readers who want to purchase soap! First you can check them out on facebook and order right there! Also you can go to their website and order as well. Be sure to check their multi-product deals such as free shipping on orders over $75 as well as a Subscribe and Save option! Be sure to use my code to get yourself an extra 11% off!! Talk about a deal that also can work with their other deals as well! Code: GypsyGoddess11 

I really feel like supporting smaller business is the way to go. I really enjoyed these soaps, I’m thinking they would make an excellent gift as well! To add to the eco friendly feel Aloha Voyager stands by, I added the recycled packedging into my worm bin! #alohavoyagerofmaui #ecofriendly #organicsoap #smallbuisness #reuseandrecycle





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