Prepper Siphon!

All I can say is everyone needs a siphon. Sure you can make one out of just a tube but this one is special and comes all ready to use, no sucking!

This siphon is 6 feet long and 2.5mm thick. It’s food grade so it’s safe for water. The end is brass so it’s meant to last for a long time. All you have to do is put the brass end into liquid and shake! The ball inside creates a flow so no sucking is needed to siphon out. You can use this one fuel, water, beer, you name it and it probably will work.

I feel this is a good prepper staple.. but also good for daily home use. It works very well with my fish tanks and I can see it being useful in my future aquaponics set up.

I got this gift and reviewed it after trying it with my fish tank. I took the photo before unraveling the hose because I figured that would be easier to see the whole thing.

You can get it here. #ezsupersiphon


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